What Is TurnScope?

There is no doubt that LiveScope is changing the way a lot of us fish. When I got mine, the first thing I didn't like was the mounting and aiming system. I made 3 different mounts, bought 2 more, and didn't like any of them. Wobbles, squeaks, wouldn't stay straight, couldn't stay on target and the main thing was that I was having to lean out of my seat or over the edge of the boat to turn it. So I got together with a friend who is an electronics expert and together we designed the TurnScope. We specifically focused on all of the things I didn't like in my previous experiences and designed a unit to address all of those. I have had test models of both designs on my boat and they both work fantastic! I can get in a crappie tree or dock, put the boat in spot lock and keep my target right in my screen without having to lose fishing time adjusting the transducer. I keep a remote on my rod so I can rotate the TurnScope and transducer while I have my hand on the rod. I also keep one on a lanyard with my trolling motor remote. When my wife or sons and grandsons are with me I stay in the back and run the trolling motor and the TurnScope while they are upfront catching the fish. TurnScope is quiet. It stays vertical and in position while you are trolling or moving to a new spot. As fishermen, we designed this for fishermen.

How Does TurnScope Work?

How To Use TurnScope

Mounting Your TurnScope